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Expand your business with Calncall

Calncall’s VoIP service has revolutionized business communication with minimum downtime, high security and first-rate voice quality. Our customers enjoy a compelling rise in the revenue due to the instant connectivity enabled by our advanced services and innovative features for fixed and mobile phone system. This continuous connectivity is made possible by our ground-breaking carrier service.

Still struggling with traditional phone system or amateur providers? Go ahead and make a wise move. Get Calncall’s service now!

We offer Call termination and Call origination services!

What is Call termination?

Call termination, popularly referred to as voice termination is routing of calls from one carrier to another until it gets to the end-user. This end-point is called voice termination and it can be another phone, mobile or service such as Skype.

Choosing Calncall becomes vital for this rearranging of data at the final destination because we keep the voice quality crystal clear for our users.

We offer wholesale call termination and call origination for an international carrier base.

When the call is initiated as a VoIP call and is terminated using the PSTN (public switched telephone network), we provide call termination as a separate product.

How will it benefit your business?

  • Easy installation. Quick deployment. 100% uptime.
  • Integrates well with other communication systems like text messages, video conferences, fax, email and more.
  • Optimised business process.
  • Pocket-friendly solution.
  • Dedicated 24/7 help desk.
  • Rise in revenue.

This switching innovation with advanced features provides the opportunity to reduce cost and to increase customer satisfaction.

We offer our services to wholesale carriers, retail operators and business consumers.

Call origination services:

Are you in need of whole number ranges?

Come to Callncall. We offer number ranges to suit your requirements.

Call us today to reduce your operational costs. We also offer DID services.

Wonder what is call origination?

Call origination otherwise known as Voice origination is collecting calls initiated from PSTN and getting terminated using VoIP. In the wholesale market it is offered as DID services. The providers can then lease SIP trunks and phone number to bring about call origination.

Why Calncall?

  • Lowest rates.
  • Expansive VoIP coverage.
  • First-rate call quality.
  • Scalability
  • Post-purchase service.
  • Local presence globally.
  • Unlimited calling.
  • We port in already existing numbers.
  • Reliable for high volume calling.
  • Activate and set-up in a few minutes.

We also offer call exchange services supported by the softswitch with integrated billing engine through our VoipSwitch wholesale solution. Due to its scalability and flexibility the platform enables the mediation of high VoIP traffic volumes.

Solution components :


Softswitch is the call switching node which is implemented in software that runs on a general purpose computing platform. It helps to connect telephone calls over the different telephone lines that are completely under the control of computer software operating on a single network. It is commonly used in local and large structures. Provides call control functions, call routing capabilities and a full array of authentication. It also supports NAT traversal, ICE, TURN and other call handling technologies.

Why should you have Softswitch?

  • Highly affordable: No need for hardware investments.
  • Nil maintenance.
  • Very secure.
  • Flexible: Can be used according to the requirement of the business.
  • Post-purchase service.
  • Multi-functional: Enables call routing, billing, recording and more.

Billing System

Calncall provides an intuitive billing system that simplifies the entire billing system of the most complex business scenarios.

We offer a business support system which is fully integrated to provide real-time charging functions, credit control, support for packages/subscriptions and other advanced charging models.

The Billing system is bundled with a customer care portal. Works in cluster to improve the availability of the physical server hardware, operating system, and SQL server instances.

The solution will be useful in selling:

SIP Trunks, DID/virtual phone numbers, own route paths and in selling and buying routes from various carriers.

The solution will benefit your business in these area:

  • Enables common management of all users and all deployed services.
  • Order management: processes service orders, manages and oversees the completion of the cycle of order.
  • Selling SIP trunks
  • Invoicing: generates bills, processes deposits, performs account administration and more functions.
  • Credit control and collection: controls usage and revenue, supports payment collection and applies them to invoice.
  • Multiple currencies: helps in dealing with various currencies and is capable of recording and processing in units of multiple currencies.
  • Online Recharging is done easily.
  • Gives options for providing discounts.




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