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Configure Callacloud SIP Account on Zoiper – Android

Configure Callacloud SIP Account on Zoiper – Android

Step 1: Download and Install Zoiper softphone app(free) from Play store.

Step 2: a. Open the app -> Agree & Continue ->click Next


b. Providers List -> Select “callnclear”

Zoiper Android

c. Click Get configuration

Zoiper Android

Step 3: Enter the SIP account Credentials(will be provided by Cal4care)

User : < sip username > (eg. a63101013)

Password : < sip password > (eg. Demo45$8f456)

Zoiper Android

Step 4: Then go to Settings -> Accounts-> edit “callnclear”

Zoiper Android

Step 5: Change the Host name based the details provided by Cal4care

(eg. siptrunk2.callnclear.com or siptrunk.callnclear.com)

Zoiper Android

Step 6: To check the registration status

Go to Settings -> Accounts

Zoiper Android

To make call, please check dial plan details provide by Cal4care welcome email.




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