Why connectviet? Complete VoIP Solution

Email To Fax

Email To Fax

Connectviet makes it possible for you to receive faxes even if you don’t have a fax machine! Sign up with us to get your fax number instantly and you are ready to get faxes and send them too. You can even choose your own number to make sure it is easy to remember!

  • You can Get your Fax number instant by signing up online https://www.connectviet.com/
  • Our Fax to email enables your to send fax and receive fax by email or online.
  • Get rid of Fax machine . No paper , toner
  • Award winning 24/7 support
  • You can Choose your own number.

How it works

It’s simple. Your fax is sent to the Fax2Mail number you get from Connectviet. It is received in your email inbox so that you can access it instantly no matter where you are and whether or not you have access to a fax machine. If you need to send a fax, just attach it to your email and it will be sent as a fax from your Fax2Mail number too!

With Connectviet at your back, you can get rid of your fax, cut down toner and paper costs and access your faxes even when there is no fax machine nearby! Our award winning support is always on hand to help you with your questions and queries. Contact us today or sign up right away for the Fax2Mail number of your choice.

Email Fax
Email Fax

Immediate Activation

You can get your fax number immediately by signing up online today

Easy Faxing Anywhere:

eFax enables you to send and receive faxes via email or online all over the world :

Large File Sharing:

Share promotional videos, high resolution images, sales presentations and othe large files

Choose Your Number

You can choose your own number from more than 4,900 area codes worldwide

Reduce Costs

Get rid of that fax machinel No more paper, toner or maintenance costs,….

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support staff will ensure you get the most out of your eFax service.




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