Why connectviet? Complete VoIP Solution

IP Phones

IP Phones


Still using PSTN Network? Still paying extensively for calling your customers and employees?

Time to switch over to IP phones.

Give us a call now! We offer easy to use, affordable, and flexible solutions.

CalnCall helps its clients to have business communications at the lowest cost using IP technology.

We source products from world-renowned brands such as Htek, Yealing, Cisco, Polycom, Snom, and others

Why CalnCall IP Phones?

Choose the world’s most trusted brand and enjoy the benefits.

Improve Business Operations:

  • Unified Communication.
  • Always be available to your customers.
  • Contact your coworkers while in remote.
  • Free inter-site calling.

Connect Instantly

  • Take your conversations with you wherever you go.

Reduced Cost

  • Make local and international calls at minimal rates.
  • No extra investment.

Improved Quality

  • We never compromise when it is about quality
  • Experience high quality voice for smooth and clear business communications.

Upgrade flexibility

  • Future upgrades can be easily done without hassle or affecting the existing telephony system.

Seamless Integration

  • Go for multi-location connectivity.
  • Unified Network.
  • Tie up your softphone, directory, messaging, presence sharing tools and more with your deskphones.
  • Immense mobility.

Increased Productivity

  • Be in instant and constant touch with co-workers through softphones
  • Increased connectivity.
  • Immediate responses.
  • Get to know what is happening with onsite workers.
  • Increased clarity.
  • Always be available to your customers.

Added Convenience

  • Increased visibility
  • Minimum Downtime.
  • No additional configuration.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • No need for external devices.
  • Flexible.
  • Scalable




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