Why connectviet? Complete VoIP Solution

Managed Services

Managed Services

Calncall offers Carrier Grade Softswitch platform

We offer VoipSwitch’s Class 5 Softswitch platform with billing, routing and other extended functionalities for increased stability. This will enable the providers to widen their services to suit various business models. The class 5 Softswitch platform with all its components is available for rent as well as for purchase. Same options are offered for our white label softphone systems.

The functionalities:

Billing: Supports realtime billing, subscription, packages, notifications and more.

Routing: Routing by various types such as by Caller ID, number porting in support, traffic failover, unlimited connections, blacklists and whitelists integration with custom database and other services.

Switching: Audio and video codec support, fax support, etc.,

Invoicing: Invoice templates, customized logo, credit limits, contact management, and many more.

Security: In-built high performance firewall, password security control, and more.

Support: Ticketing portal, ticket escalation, and remote support.

Hosted Services:

The system can be hosted on either one of our servers present in our European or US datacenters or on your server.

When you host it on your server, Calncall provides dedicated servers.

Instead of purchasing, you can also rent our services to reduce your investment cost. The offer includes the main platform and the additional modules.

For mobiles and desktop phone systems you can either choose the white label version and the join Express (shared) dialer version.

How do you benefit?

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Inexpensive as you can rent
  • Instant delivery
  • 24/7 Technical support

Managed Partition

How do you benefit?

Well you can decide whether to swell your payroll appointing additional engineers, or to mediate and manage multiple providers, say one for infrastructure, one for support, and another for single-tenant servers or simply choose the expert service of Calncall.

Focus on your core business and let us do the rest!

Calncall is a managed cloud service provider that offers a whole comprehensive solution. We perform all the complex tasks involved in cloud computing. You can be assured of high security and availability.

Calncall allows you to choose the services that you want to manage in-house and the services that you want us to manage. You can manage your services via an admin interface and we will also provide the storage space required by you. Calncall offers support for softswitch platform and other additional services.

We offer support services for:

  • VoIP (residential & mobile)
  • PBX hosted solutions
  • Calling cards
  • Callshops

The partition that we provide to you is highly specific and you will be able to interconnect all of your carriers and link up with DID providers. You can use and manage your preferred payment systems for online top-up.

Fully Managed VoIP Setup (A La Carte Model)

Calncall’s managed VoIP services increase productivity and reduce cost

Calncall offers fully managed VoIP systems for all size of enterprises. The services include analysis, installation and maintenance. When you choose Calncall’s service, our expert team will perform a complete analysis of your organization set-up and IT-infrastructure and will then offer the most efficient VoIP solution to ensure quality uptime for your communication channels.

Services we offer range from testing with new vendors and carriers to supplying the route of least cost. We perform regular maintenance checks, generate and provide reports on business operations. Also we offer round-the-clock support system to carriers and our support system includes maintenance, routine network activities and administrative tasks.

To offer high availability, Calncall actively monitors all notifications and alerts. We manage and oversee all network elements and adherence to emergency procedures. Calncall takes all the responsibility during deployment and after that also. Our solution architect will help you to interconnect with the prevalent network and suggest an innovative proposal. Calncall’s managed VoIP system also offers innovative inter-communication features to connect with your work-force.




Managed Services