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Call back feature helps to reduce call hold time and the frustrations of the customer. When there is a high volume of calls, the customer is put on hold. But if it is for too long, the customer may get angry or even turn away to your competitor.

Calncall’s callback system allows the customer to request a callback by sending a sms or by calling a service number and disconnecting instead of waiting in a virtual queue. The customer’s number will be saved and queued. Calncall’s system will automatically then call back the customer who had requested the callback and when he attends the call, will guide him to the desired destination through IVRS (Interactive Voice Process System).

Benefits that you can’t ignore:

  • Cost reduction – Callback feature eliminates the need to keep the PSTN lines open and thereby reduces the cost associated with the queue waiting time.
  • Increased customer satisfaction – The customer’s time is saved and this creates a good impression on the service offered by your organization.
  • Manage “Peak Period” at your Call Center – Manage high volume of calls by allowing the customer to request a callback.
  • Decreased call abandonment – Agents can attend almost all the calls as no calls go abandoned. They can deal with the customer as they turn up in the queue.
  • Increased productivity – Agents have enough time to deal with customer’s issues or enquiries instead of rushing to end the call as there are many more callers waiting in the queue. This results in increased customer satisfaction and efficient production
  • Better business continuity – You will never lose a lead. The customer retention is high because they get the info or service without their time being wasted.
  • Higher “First Call Resolution” – At call centers, call back feature provides enough time for the agent to go through customer history and gather up necessary info to tackle the customer.

Residential VoIP Telephony

Allows you to replace the traditional telephony service with Voice over IP without the need to invest into a new phone system. When you opt for Calncall’s residential telephony you can provide a unified communication facility to your customer. Manage all your communication needs with a single account.

All you need to do is just call us to register. Once registered, we will assign a phone number to a PIN from your account and you are ready to credit your account and start making calls.

8 reasons to choose Calncall Residential VoIP Telephony service:

  • Uncompromised Quality – Experience superior quality audio or video service without interruptions and background noise.
  • Increased mobility – Easy access to communication from anywhere through softphones.
  • Self-care portal – Features that enable online bill payment, subscribing to your services, checking usage and changing plans.
  • Video conferencing – Engage in high quality video conferencing from wherever you are. Share files, images, involve in direct discussions, present charts and make presentations.
  • Send Messages – Quick reply is always welcome from both the customer and the people at your office. Text instantly and become more responsive.
  • Flexible billing system – Offer a wide range of plans for your users. Power your clients with auto recharge facility.
  • TURN & ICE technology – Helps to provide a peer-to-peer media path.
  • DID – The complementary feature enables users to have regional numbers.

Direct Inward Dialling (DID)/virtual phone numbers

Simply told, if you buy a range of phone numbers from a provider who offers telephone service using internet, then the numbers that they assign to you is your DID number. The calling is done into the PBX system which means you do not require a physical phone line for each and every connection.

You buy the number, send it to your SIP address and you are ready to go.

It enables automated ordering and management of numbers through web APIs.

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