Why connectviet? Complete VoIP Solution

Scenarios Case 2

Scenarios Case 2


Case 2 With Connectviet one can have as many number of virtual extensions as they want since it works in a hosted environment, all the extensions are interlinked. It allows users to call between the extensions even if they are at different locations.

Calncall For Businesses With Offices At Multiple Locations

Talk for free from different locales:

You can get any number of virtual connections. Since it is a hosted environment all the extensions are inter-linked. So, the users can talk for free even when they are at different locations.

Reduced cost:

No travel expenses and ofcourse, you are talking for free.

Time saver:

Again employees from different location can communicate whenever they want without the need to reach the location where the other employee is working.

Instant reach:

Just pick up your phone and get things done. Definitely saves time from travelling, faxing, emailing and other such activities.




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