Why connectviet? Complete VoIP Solution

Scenarios Case 3

Scenarios Case 3


Calncall also has a FAX facility for home use. With the Calncall it is easy for users to continue their daily duties from anywhere around this world.

Calncall For Remote Working

Remote working has become very popular and necessary due to the pandemic. But even before that businesses were using such solutions to connect to employees who work from home.

The users can configure Calncall account on their smartphones, IP phones or on their desktop phones and start to communicate with others working on-premise or to other remotely working employees.

We also provide faxing facilities. It is not at all imaginable that an employee will be having a fax machine at home with the printing ink and paper. And everytime, he cannot be expected to search for fax-booth and the situation becomes worse when it comes to sharing a confidential matter say, some business quotation. So, this solution is the ideal one for businesses that have their people working at home.




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