Powerful 3CX SBC Appliance by Call4tel

If you’re looking to easily connect remote 3CX extensions, users, branches and instances the 3CX SBC appliances by Call4tel will get you the best value for your money. Call4tel who develop and manufacture the only certified 3CX SBC appliances which comes pre-loaded with the latest versions of 3CX and Debian. With a cloud portal available you can manage and monitor the devices from anywhere. 

call4tel sbc-devices

What is a SBC?

A 3CX SBC is a service you install in your local network and allows you to connect remote extensions to your 3CX instance in the cloud. The 3CX SBC delivers all SIP (signaling) and RTP (media) VoIP Packets to the cloud PBX, overcoming firewall and networking issues that affect reliability. 

3CX Certified. Call4tel’s 3CX SBC

Call4tel designs and manufactures the only certified 3CX SBC. These devices enable you to connect your remote IP Phones and extensions to your 3CX instance or to bridge separate 3CX installations. All updates and management are done via an easy-to-use cloud portal.