Manage your Calls & Messages with the ConnectViet Softphone

Whether you’re in the office, on the train or sitting on a tropical beach you can easily manage all your calls and messages from the ConnectViet softphone. With our softphone your can transform any mobile device – laptop, tablet or smartphone into your office extension and stay connected to your team, customers and stakeholders on the go. Available for iOS, Android, Windows or Mac devices. Our softphone integrates seamlessly with ConnectViet SIP Trunk allowing for easy setup and configuration. 

ConnectViet softphone

iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

Use your current device and skip any learning curves with our softphones for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices. 

Video Call & Messages

Schedule, invite and participate in video calls from your device and from any location. Stay in the loop with your colleagues with the chat feature. 

Contacts & Call Logs

With Outlook, Gmail and PBX integration you’ll always know who is calling before you answer the call and call logs are updated accordingly.