Centralize your Contacts & Calendar with Bria’s Softphone

Bria’s softphone in known for its seamless synchronization of contacts and calendars with its softphone enabling a centralized locations for all your appointments, meetings and contacts. You can also integrate Bria’s softphone with existing apps and systems your business may currently be using enabling your team access to important information on-the-go.  

ConnectViet bria

Synch with your Google & Outlook

Automated synchronization with your Google, Outlook, iOS and Android accounts. Customize your softphone with the desktop API (Paid version only). 

PBX Integration

Easily integrate the softphone with your PBX and know who’s calling at all times. Users can access their extension, call history, contacts and more.  

No Hassle Setup

Deploy the Bria softphone remotely using cloud provisioning. Simply install the softphone and sign in with your credentials.