Your Softphone, your Way with Mr. VoIP

With Mr. VoIP you can fully customize your softphone to suit your business needs.  Not one solution fits all and Mr. VoIP’s softphone recognizes this and enables users to customize their softphone. Mr. VoIP is renowned for its customized solutions from wallboards, call reports, CRM integrations and more. 

ConnectViet softphone

Tight Security

Mr. VoIP uses the latest SIP standards as well as end-to-end encryption ensuring that the data you exchange is safe from leaks and hacks. 

100% Customized

Experts in offering customized solutions Mr. VoIP gets what you need and can supply you with a solution that’s perfect for you.  

Unified Communications

All the features are included in Mr. VoIP’s softphone. Video, call, chat and voicemail. Available for iOS, Android, Mac or Windows devices.