Boost your Customer UX with
a Cloud Contact Center Solution

A cloud contact center solution will enable your call center agents to offer more seamless and professional customer service experience. With a cloud contact center solution your agents can access all your digital communications channels from one dashboard – social media, PBX, email ticketing, video, SMS and messaging apps. mConnect’s cloud contact center solution will boost your agents’ productivity and minimize idle time with advanced queue strategies, reports, wrap up codes and more. 

ConnectViet contact center

Skyrocketed Productivity

Stop wasting your agents’ time and provide them with a contact center solution that allows them to access all channels from one single location. 

Cloud-based Contact Center Solution

Access mConnect from anywhere! Being cloud-based means that you can help and guide your agents remotely and in turn they can do the same for your customers. 

CRM, Billing & System Integration

Integrate mConnect’s cloud contact center solution with existing software and programs you’re currently using such as CRM, billing systems and ERP.