Remote work made easy with 3CX Softphone

3CX softphones for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows as well as a web client for your browser are made to connect remote teams and allow them to work seamlessly from anywhere. Included with 3CX at no additional cost and includes unified communications features ideal for modern, remote/hybrid teams such as website live chat, CRM, Facebook and WhatsApp integrations, SMS, chat, status and more.  
Easily configurable by scanning a QR code and end-to-end encrypted for guaranteed data security. 

ConnectViet 3cx phone system

Work on the go

Use your smartphone, laptop or tablet as your office phone to manage calls, messages, chats and video conferences from anywhere.  

iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Web Client

Install the softphone on your iOS, Android, Mac or Windows device or use the web client in your browser to stay connected as if you never left the office. 

Live Chat, WhatsApp Video & More

Website live chat, Facebook & WhatsApp integration as well as video conferencing ensure you never miss a call or message no matter where you are.